Willow Pond Plantation
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Show me tours must be done by appointment.

To avoid interrupting someone's day at Willow Pond, we discourage drive-bys since the facilities are not visible from public roads and entry could be disruptive.  Unless otherwise scheduled, tours are offered Monday thru Saturday noon during the daylight hours.  We ask that you call 850-222-4400 between 8 am and 5pm or communicate via e-mail to set a time for your appointment.    Thank you for your cooperation.

For weddings, the tour guide covers the basic features with emphasis on arrival times, dressing areas, alternative ceremony sites, walking or carriage paths, ceremony seating, music, reception facilities, overnight lodging and all of the associated services.  Following the tour, the date of choice is reserved until noon on the following day without obligation.  This provides the opportunity to discuss all of the issues; then simply call Willow Pond before noon to confirm the reservation.

For parties, reunions, camping and other activities, we do a similar tour; however, dates are not reserved overnight and reservations are confirmed on a first come-first serve basis.