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Joe's Hop

[Willow Pond Plantation]

Willow Pond plays host to several "theme parties" each year but, once again, Joe's Hop will be a leading contender for "Theme Party of the Year".  And the credit for success belongs entirely to Joe, Krista and their crew at Joe's Diner. 

Weeks before the hop, Joe and Krista begin the annual process by reviewing last years notes.  These were recorded by Krista as the hop was packed away the previous year.  As necessary, Joe tweeks the plans so that every detail is right and consistent with the 50's and 60's theme and the greasiest burgers in town. 

And, a great time was had by all.  As evidenced by the photographs, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean were among the guests.

Willow Pond is proud to have been selected as the venue for Joe's Hop since 2003.  Congratulations Joe and Krista.  You did it again and we'll see you next February.